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AlignMethod studio is a supportive, body-positive personal training studio, catering specifically to pelvic floor and core dysfunction. We offer a tested method based on current research that is personalized to suit your core needs. Located at 2887 west 33rd ave, in beautiful Mackenzie Heights, AlignMethod is the first studio of its kind in Vancouver. We are focused on making you feel confident and strong, by teaching you HOW to connect with your core so that you can run better, lift more, and leak less.

AlignMethod teaches core connection to:

.AlignMethod teaches core connection to:

  • Pre and post partum moms

  • Peri-and menopausal women

  • Anyone working with their clinical team recovering from an injury or surgery

  • Anyone who has been told to work on their core function

  • Anyone who leak during any action or activity

  • Anyone with a diastasis recti (abdominal separation)

  • Anyone with a prolapse

  • Active aging adults wanting to work on core function

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AlignMethod private and packages

How Do You Start?

All first time clients start with a Private Package. (Expecting moms. who are new to Alignmethod, have the option to start with the Private Package or the Powerfully Pregnant small group class.)

Once you complete your First Time package, you can choose to continue with private session packages or join an Alignmethod small group class program that suits your needs.

With an introductory one-on-one package: 4 private sessions plus 1 free small group class. Payments are due only after the first session, as we are confident that you will be happy with the results. After a minimum of 4 private sessions, a variety of small group classes are available to suit your needs.

Classes and sessions are educational, empowering, and focused on fitness and movement that is good for your core and pelvic floor health.

Small group, goal-specific weekly classes are also offered. No matter what your core needs we have a class or a workshop for you.

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Meet Janet


Janet Kimmel
Founder and Owner of Align Method

Hello, I am Janet. I am a certified personal trainer specializing in core and pelvic floor-related concerns. I believe this is an extremely important, yet underserved area in fitness and health. Too often, matters of pelvic floor health are either whispered about or remain untreated due to stigma and a lack of information. I firmly believe that with the right information and exercise application, core and pelvic floor concerns should not be stopping anyone from enjoying an active lifestyle.

My approach is body-positive and focused on YOUR core needs. In partnership with my clients, I create an exercise experience that gets you feeling core connected, aligned, strong, confident and moving with joy.

Meet Jenna

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I started my physiotherapy career in sports and orthopaedics where I worked with patients of all ages, abilities and fitness levels to improve pain, function and performance. After having my first child, my passion for women’s and pelvic health physiotherapy was ignited. I am particularly interested in helping patients optimize core function, as it is the foundation for all movement and is a key factor in many injuries and conditions.