Janet is my go-to fitness professional for peri-natal women. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable, but she also has a way of empowering her clients to do more than they thought they could. I feel that every pregnant woman should work with Janet to stay connected to their bodies over the course of their pregnancy. And, in my experience, staying strong and connected to one's body is one of the best things a pregnant woman can do to increase the chance of a smoother and faster recovery. - Trish Gipson Registered Pelvic Floor and women’s Health Physiotherapist

I started Janet's powerfully pregnant class a few months before due date and it quickly became what I looked forward to most every week. I thought her classes were so pivotal for women that I started referring many of my female patients from my RMT practice, pregnant or not to her various classes. This was my second pregnancy and I am now 2 weeks post delivery. I can attest that my recovery this time around has been much quicker; I have been more active with less pelvic floor pain. - Rachel F RMT

I have loved all that you have offered. The pregnancy class was a unique opportunity to strengthen my body while pregnant in a safe, open environment. It was so great to be alongside fellow existing mammas, and mammas to be. It helped to recognize that each one of us was facing their own challenges, as is common in pregnancy, and yet made it to class each week to feel individually supported by you. Thank you for always catering each class to each individual, for making adjustments where needed, and encouraging us to challenge ourselves in a supportive, safe way. You made it hard to skip a class by building such a community, and even allowing me to bring my 3 yr old.

Thank you for teaching me how to dead lift- who would have thought that I would finally learn how to do this properly while pregnant! It is now my favourite exercise. I truly believe your program played a big role in preparing me for a fast, uncomplicated labour and faster recovery. - Tamlyn

I always have enjoyed working out but once I became pregnant I felt somewhat lost in what to do. Powerfully Pregnant really helped me feel confident in my workouts, myself and going into labour! - Jessica V

Really enjoying the Powerfully Pregnant program, it’s a safe guided exercise and I really like the small class sizes so you get the one on one attention. Highly recommend it! - Orissa S

Janet & The Align Method have helped me a lot with my pelvic floor issues after my pregnancies. I love her attention to detail and her hands-on style - I feel safe doing the exercises because I know she makes sure I‘m doing them correctly. She is very competent and knowledgable about all things core and pelvic floor, plus manages to get me motivated! Pelvic floor issues can be difficult to deal with (nobody talks about it) - I‘ve always felt very comfortable in Janet‘s classes in that way as well as she manages to create a very accepting atmosphere. - Steph W

Janet helped me get my pelvic floor back to where it needed to be to resume running and lifting. The Align Method helped me find my inner/deepest core muscles. - Lucienne S

Janet's classes are well-organized and fun. She values each minute and designs exercises that hit multiple muscle groups. She also helps with form and is always supportive. - Krista H

The class was very informative and easy to follow. Janet is wonderful. - S Wells

I am so thankful to Janet for teaching me how to safely regain strength in my core after childbirth. I have diastistis from a very large baby. I have not had much feeling in my core for a while. She taught me how to breathe and use my core properly. She is knowledgeable, kind and very fun! I look forward to her class! - Tina P

I highly recommend Janet and The Align Method. She is lovely and the exercises are really effective. It may initially seem like you aren’t doing much but you really are! So important for women, especially after childbirth. - Jennifer D

Janet’s focus is on making me feel good in my body. She is very thorough and focussed on strength and alignment and general outlook and attitude. Lovely and passionate about how we move around in our lives. - Johanne V