Hello I am Janet

I am a certified personal trainer specializing in core and pelvic floor related concerns. This is a very underserved area in fitness and hushed subject of conversation. With the right information and exercise application, core and pelvic floor concerns should not be stopping anyone from enjoying an active lifestyle.

My approach is body positive and focused on your needs. In partnership with my clients, I create an exercise experience that keeps you strong, toned and motivated to move. Movement and breath work, connect us with our bodies. Our bodies are our only true home. I believe in creating a fitness experience that is goal oriented and challenging, yet rooted in kindness and care towards ourselves. Not from a place of punishment and shame. I use fitness and movement as a way to nurture your relationship with your body. Building a body confident you that can jump, skip, lift, push, pull, run, swim, do whatever brings you joy, is at the core of my philosophy.

Come move with me.

I am currently certified in:

  • Hypopressives™ Level 3

  • Hypopressives™ Level 2

  • Hypopressives™ Level 1

  • Restorative Back Mitra Foundation Training

  • CanFitPro Certified Personal Trainer

  • CanFitPro Pre and Postnatal Specialist

  • Pfilates

  • Bellies Inc

  • Human Kinetics Women in Fitness

  • Human Kinetics Resistance Training for Women

  • Spin

  • TRX

  • Can-Fit-Pro Active Aging Adult Movement Specialist

I have completed:

  • Antony Lo- Bullet Proof Your Pelvic Floor – The female Athlete 
    FMS 1 / FMS 2