What is the align method?

What is the align method?

Do you leak when you run, jump, sneeze, laugh or lift? Do you have abdominal separation or a prolapse?

I have studied and continue to study the leading modalities in the field of core health and over years of personal trial and error with my clients I have distilled The Align Method down to a sequence of exercises  in a program which I believe is the most effective,  accessible and safest route to freedom of movement. No more leaks, better athletic performance, Hernia prevention, reduced Diastasis recti and prolapse.

Run better, lift safely, leak less. Our bodies are made to move with freedom and confidence.


The Align Method Courses and Workshops are for you if you want to:

√ Reduce or prevent urinary incontinence
√ Reduce or prevent POP (Pelvic Organ Prolapse)
√ Reduce Diastasis Recti (abdominal seperation)
√ Improve your core function
√ Reduce pelvic congestion and improve blood circulation
√ Improve your posture
√ Improve your breathing pattern
√ Improve your athletic performance
√ Improve your sexual function
√ Reduce mummy tummy
√ Return to exercise postpartum
√ Return to exercise post surgery
√ Return to exercise after long illness
√ Return to exercise after a long period of inactivity
√ Prevent hernias

What are The Align Method courses and workshops based on?

The Align Method courses and workshops uses HYPOPRESSIVES™ Low Pressure Fitness as its foundation. Low Pressure Fitness is a specific rhythmic breathing pattern set to specific postural exercises that together trigger an automatic or anticipatory response of your deep core muscles.  By optimizing your breathing pattern and posture you create the perfect setting that encourages your deep core muscles to work as a balanced team. It is a great choice as a preventative and restorative measure for anyone wanting to prevent or reduce concerns like diastasis rectiprolapseincontinence mummy tummy and hernias.

Janet Kimmel
Founder and Owner of The Align Method

I started my career in fitness in 2009 after spending my 20s working as an actor. Both careers are physical, and allow me to connect with people. Through fitness I am also able to develop a community, which I have been fortunate to do since 2015, when I fulfilled my dream and started to offer small group Align Method classes. I am intrigued by life, breath and posture and happiest when surrounded by like minded souls searching for that core connection. Read More >