As an RMT working almost exclusively with prenatal and postnatal women for almost 20 years, I am happy to be able to recommend Janet and the Align Method to my clients who want to recover or maintain their pelvic floor health. It is effective, convenient, and fun! 

Tara R.

Janet & The Align Method have helped me a lot with my pelvic floor issues after my pregnancies. I love her attention to detail and her hands-on style – I feel safe doing the exercises because I know she makes sure I‘m doing them correctly. She is very competent and knowledgable about all things core and pelvic floor, plus manages to get me motivated! Pelvic floor issues can be difficult to deal with (nobody talks about it) – I‘ve always felt very comfortable in Janet‘s classes in that way as well as she manages to create a very accepting atmosphere.

-Steph W.

 Janet helped me get my pelvic floor back to where it needed to be to resume running and lifting. The Align Method helped me find my inner/deepest core muscles.

-Lucienne S.

Janet’s classes are well-organized and fun. She values each minute and designs exercises that hit multiple muscle groups. She also helps with form and is always supportive.

-Krista H.

 The Workshop was very informative and easy to follow. Janet is wonderful.

-Jenifer W.

 I am so thankful to Janet for teaching me how to safely regain strength in my core after childbirth. I have diastasis from a very large baby. I have not had much feeling in my core for a while. She taught me how to breathe and use my core properly. She is knowledgeable, kind and very fun! I look forward to her class! 

– Tina P.

I highly recommend Janet and The Align Method. She is lovely and the exercises are really effective. It may initially seem like you aren’t doing much but you really are! So important for women, especially after childbirth.

-Jennifer D.

 Janet’s focus is on making me feel good in my body. She is very thorough and focussed on strength and alignment and general outlook and attitude. Lovely and passionate about how we move around in our lives.

-Johanne V.

“My son is almost 8 months now and I am feeling great these days but it wasn’t until I went to my first hypopressive class with Janet that my body started to fully recover. At 4 months post partum I still felt quite heavy and tired in the uterus area. Nothing seemed to helped, I was resting and using a lot of heat pads but by the end of the day I had to lay down. My colleague recommended hypopressives and I signed up right away. Janet is amazing, she is so knowledgeable and patient. She spent a lot of time on each person correcting our postures and making sure we were breathing properly. I didn’t expect to feel different after the first class but the next day I woke up feeling almost normal again! I am such a believer, each class kept getting better and better. I’m looking forward to more classes with Janet in the future. Thank you!! “

– Anny 

“If there is one thing I could recommend to a new mum, it would be to sign up for hypopressives. I always feel great after a session, and I am certain that it has helped me feel like myself after the birth of my son.”

– Sarah S.

“I have started Hypopressives with Janet 3 months ago and can notice a difference in my pelvic floor getting stronger, my abdomen is flatter and stronger and my posture has improved and I have less back pain. I wish I had started this years ago and not wasted all that time on regular abdominal exercises which weren’t working for me

– Sarah M. (mom of 4)


Janet created a warm supportive environment where women, who until recently were strangers, felt comfortable discussing their bodies and the effect of childbirth. Hypos teaches you that what you had been told was an inevitable side effect of childbirth is not the case.

– Natalie W. (mom of 2)

Thank you Hypopressives Vancouver for making it possible to hop skip and jump this Easter

– Marianne G. (mom of 1)

Learning Hypopressives with Janet has been life -changing. After suffering from urinary incontinence and a prolapsed bladder from childbirth. I can now sneeze, laugh. walk quickly, run, “hold it” when needed and even jump on a trampoline without leaking a little or seeking out a washroom immediately.”

– Nicole O. (mom of 2)


“After a difficult birth and post-partum period I was finally ready to get back in shape and re-gain confidence in my body. Janet, with her humble and gentle yet confident attitude provided me with just the encouragement I needed to get motivated. Due to the sensitive nature of my birth-related injuries and related physical challenges I had a lot of insecurities. Janet neither over-fed or ignored these insecurities and knew just the way to approach the subject; I felt like I could make myself vulnerable but still feel strong and empowered around her. With Janet’s warmth and gentle encouragement I found my own strength and was able to face the physical and mental challenges that come with physical training. I am now enjoying my body once again and feeling more fit than ever! Thank you so much Janet!!! “

– April 

“The Hypopresive method and Janet came to me at a critical time in my physical life.  I had been suffering from problems with my SI joint for over a year and I was at a point of near desperation.  I had taken physiotherapy that offered some relief, but I did not feel like I was making forward progress to recovery.  My long distance power walking was on hold, working at my desk was limited to short periods and there was just no comfortable way to sleep any more.  My physical therapist was working with me on various core exercises but I did not feel a
difference, at least not fast enough given the pain.

The hypopresive method seemed too simple – how could breathing (or not breathing) deal with a persistent problem?  I watched the videos and read a bit online, but it was talking to Janet that made me decide to give it a real try.  I turn out she was not only persuasive, but also a wonderful teacher.  She worked with me as I struggled through a flu followed by shingles (!), coaching me on how to continue in a manner that worked with my body and kept showing me progress.  She helped me to increase my body awareness (who knew the ribs could expand sideways?), kept me from getting too down on myself (why was I such a slow learner?)
and worked around my silly schedule to ensure regular sessions.

The progress I saw was so quick compared to other things I had tried, and maintaining the internal tone built up is easy (who doesn’t have 20 minutes twice a week?).  And when I have fallen out of the habit of my morning routine, the fast progress makes it easier for me to re-establish the routine.

So the combination of a “simple” method and a wonderful teacher have helped me rebuild muscles I did not even know I had, and get back to the fun parts of my life.  And as I move into my 50’s (and beyond) I see the hypopressive method as helping me maintain an active lifestyle.

– Giselle M.

I cannot remember when I was first introduced to the hypopresive method, was it more than a year ago already? When Janet described it to me, I knew it made perfect sense and was very eager to start. I am 60 and have had 2 children. Mild bladder control had been a problem for many years. I trained with Janet for a few months and have been doing it in my own from 3 to 4 times a week for quite a while now. I did not expect immediate results. Any rewiring and connecting of these illusive muscles will take time and rehabilitation is a long process. Old habits die hard as they say, therefore on some days I feel more “connected”  than others. I keep doing the exercises because, aside from helping with bladder control, it helps me feel more grounded and seems to have an overall relaxing effect. I feel both calm and energized after my morning routine. It has helped me in my yoga practice and made me more aware of the importance of the muscles in the pelvic area. I have learned to relax some muscles while engaging others that end up being more efficient for good posture. Also, on a purely cosmetic level, I have always had a flat stomach but I have noticed that my waist has elongated  and is more defined. “

– Johanne