About Janet

About Janet

Janet Kimmel
Founder and Owner of The Align Method

I started my career in fitness in 2009 after spending my 20s working as an actor. Both careers are physical, and allow me to connect with people. Through fitness I am also able to develop a community, which I have been fortunate to do since 2015, when I fulfilled my dream and started to offer small group Align Method classes. I am intrigued by life, breath and posture and happiest when surrounded by like minded souls searching for that core connection.

From my earliest clients, I recognized that the core and the pelvic floor are central not only to being active, but to daily life. And when you are concerned about leaking while running, jumping, coughing, or sneezing, it’s hard to focus on other fitness goals. I was introduced to Hypopressives Low Pressure Fitness in 2012 and became certified in 2013. Since then I have helped my clients connect and understand core function, finding strength from the inside out by combining LPF with other modalities in The Align Program 1 & 2.

I have used The Align Program  in my own recovery from multiple abdominal surgeries for endometriosis, back surgery and giving birth twice. I firmly believe it’s never too late to strengthen your core and pelvic floor; and reconnect with your body, our bodies are made to move. My clients have included new mums and grandmothers, kids, and men–they all have pelvic floors!


I am currently certified in:

Hypopressives™ Level 3

Hypopressives™ Level 2

Hypopressives™ Level 1

Restorative Back Mitra Foundation Training

CanFitPro Certified Personal Trainer

CanFitPro Pre and Postnatal Specialist


Bellies Inc

Human Kinetics Women in Fitness

Human Kinetics Resistance Training for Women





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